A field based sales and marketing company, was reliant on its mobile sales team to manually record and submit sales data on a weekly basis before it started working with Zync Solutions Ltd.

Strictly Sales was founded in 2009 by Jason Peck who has quickly grown the company to a 20-strong team of field-based workers who sell promotions to retail outlets on behalf of clients including a leading international spirit brand. Jason Peck felt his business was being held back by this laborious reporting process which meant data was frequently a week old by the time a client received it.The data was also vulnerable to human error with inaccurate information recorded or was delayed if a field worker was late in reporting back. Mr Peck would then have to collate the individual data into spreadsheets before sending on the reports to clients.

Zync Solutions worked closely with Strictly Sales to identify and implement the perfect system for its business.

“Before Zync Solutions I relied solely on my sales team. Now I can see for myself at any given moment how sales calls are going,” said Jason Peck. “It’s transformed the way I do business. My systems are absolutely watertight and clients receive instant, 100% accurate feedback.”

The Paperless Mobile Office

The sales team’s pens and paper have been replaced by PDAs running the Zync Solutions’ software. The intelligent and intuitive system prompts the field team to input the necessary information during their sales calls. No data can be forgotten and human error has been eliminated. The flexible system allows Strictly Sales to tailor the information for individual PDAs based on the specific promotion being offered by the sales executive and the profile of the store. The point of sale marketing material for each promotion is photographed to provide visual evidence to the client. This provides absolute transparency and is a highly valued feature for clients.

Data from each sales call is transferred from the PDAs via mobile internet to the Zync Solutions cloud. Where previously sales data and feedback was a week old it is now available instantly.

“Our clients love the immediate access and transparency and they have absolute confidence in our delivery,” said Jason Peck.

Instant Feedback

Strictly Sales are able to continually monitor the data and drill down for detailed analysis using Zync’s sophisticated filtering capabilities.

“Recently we noticed that a promotion was not being well received,” said Jason Peck. “The sales team were all returning the same response of ‘too expensive’ from the outlets. There are over eight options to choose from when a promotion is not taken so it was clear that the pricing needed to be adjusted and fast.”

Jason Peck alerted his client, who decided to lower the cost, and within half an hour the sales team’s PDAs were remotely adjusted to reflect the new price.

“Before Zync it would have been ridiculously time consuming to call each field worker to let them know the new price which made changing a live promotion very tricky,” said Jason, “whereas now it’s unbelievably quick and easy.”

The Professional Touch

Strictly Sales were also keen to get away from hand written invoices which looked unprofessional and were prone to human error.

Zync Solutions worked with Strictly Sales to produce a customised add-on to the system which now allows its sales team to issue printed invoices and receipts using Zebra printers. The invoices are produced on headed company paper and are automatically calculated ensuring absolute accuracy.

“This new feature has instilled enormous confidence in us from the outlets we sell to,” said Jason Peck. “We’re delighted with it.”

Market Research

The flexibility of the system enables Strictly Sales to tailor each project to the exact requirements of the client. When completing calls for a leading drinks manufacturer the sales team are prompted via their PDAs to ask twelve market research questions. This information is sent weekly to its Marketing Department and provides an invaluable insight into the marketplace.

Management Control

Strictly Sales is able to see all the completed sales call made by its team each day giving management a good overview of the progress of the team. “The hard facts are there to see,” said Jason Peck. “We can immediately see if it was a good or bad day and if bad what went wrong.”


Zync Solutions also built a specialised reporting system to Strictly Sales’ specifications. This allows Jason and his colleagues the ability to display the data in a professional and visually understandable way for their clients. For instance, at the click of a button they can choose if the data is sent as a PowerPoint slide or as an Excel spreadsheet.

The Perfect Solution for Companies Whatever Their Size

Zync Solutions’ systems are perfect for start ups, SMEs to large corporates. “For the expertise and absolute brilliance of the software they provide, Zync Solutions offers incredible value for money,” said Jason Peck.
“The set up costs are affordable and sensible and I urge all small companies who think that perhaps they wouldn’t be able to afford such a technical solution to think again.”

The Last Word

“The service I receive from Zync Solutions is second to none,” said Jason Peck. “They provide a brilliant service and are there every step of the way to support my thriving business.”