eXPD8 Field Marketing


When Peter Bailey, co-founder of leading Field Marketing Agency eXPD8 (www.expd8.co.uk), met Zync Solutions in 2006 he described it as a “revolution” for his business..

eXPD8 Field Marketing provides quality field marketing and retail support services to retailers, suppliers and manufacturers across the UK and Ireland. It has a mobile workforce of over a thousand people completing tasks and collecting field data for its clients.

Before finding Zync Solutions, Bailey was frustrated at eXPD8’s limitations in the ability to collect data with problems including limited flexibility of questionnaire design, laborious data collection and slow feedback of results to clients.

“The most important thing we needed was a system to enable us to manage the business efficiently, yet powerful enough to collect data effectively,” said Peter Bailey. “We employ a lot of people and need every transaction to be accurate, fast and to produce high quality results.”

Zync Solutions worked closely with Bailey to develop the perfect system for his business and his end clients.

Flexibility of Questionnaires

eXPD8 needed to be able to devise complex and intricate questionnaires to ensure that its data collection was more sophisticated and in-depth than its rivals. “Before Zync Solutions we didn’t have the flexibility to ask a myriad of questions,” explained Peter Bailey. “Now we can do pretty much anything.”

The flexible questionnaires allow eXPD8 to design sophisticated questionnaires which can be individually tailored to specific stores depending on the profile of the store. This means the questions asked are the most relevant ones for that particular store; a benefit which is unique to Zync Solutions.

Validation of Questionnaires

Zync Solutions’ intelligent software ensures accurate data is produced every time. Rules can be set within the software to sense check the data entered by the field worker to reduce the risk of inaccurate data entry which could otherwise skew a client report.

“Our clients rely on us to provide high quality data in an efficient and timely manner,” said Peter Bailey.

Field Management Tools

With so many mobile workers, Peter and his management team used to find it extremely difficult to follow field workers’ progress.

The field management element of the Zync Solutions’ system has completely eliminated this problem as eXPD8 can now monitor the number of completed surveys in real time. Data is uploaded by the field team to the Zync Solutions’ cloud via the Internet.

Peter and his managers are now able to see data coming in from the field with the ability to monitor progress down to the store level and even the individual field worker.


Zync Solutions’ system allows eXPD8 to report back to the client each individual team member’s findings backed up by photographs and signatures from the outlet to ensure absolute authenticity and all within hours of a project going live.

“Data decays quickly,” said Peter Bailey, “and the speed and responsiveness of the system combined with the power of the questionnaire is Zync Solutions’ USP.”

Filters can also be used to view and organise the data by region, chain, individual store and the field worker as well as other useful overviews providing a comprehensive final report.

eXPD8’s clients are able to have instantaneous access to their data allowing them to make immediate business decisions.

Legacy Support

eXPD8’s team uses a range of devices to feed back data including smart phones, tablets and PDAs.

As and when new hardware is deployed, the devices can use the applications from Zync Solutions, yet older technology remains supported by Zync to ensure that a company’s original investment is never wasted.

“The evolution doesn’t stand still,” said Peter Bailey, “Zync Solutions is constantly pushing the boundaries to bring us more and more powerful systems. Its new Android compatible software looks amazing for instance.”

eXPD8 is re-launching shortly in a new territory where all its mobile field team will be issued with tablets.

A 24hr Turnaround for Data Collection in over 1,600 Outlets

“Within 24hrs of a client request, our team will have visited over 1,600 outlets to check their products and the final report will be available to the client online including photographs and signatures from each of the locations,” said Peter Bailey.

“The results are immediate and 100% accurate. No-one is willing to wait two weeks for results in today’s business world.”

The Last Word

“Zync Solutions are the perfect supplier,” said Peter Bailey. “We have absolute trust and confidence in their delivery. They’re head and shoulders above their competitors.”